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Four kinds of essays exist including: narration, description, exposition, and argument. Each kind includes a unique purpose: some tell a tale, many are descriptive yet others prevent viewpoints. Among the best methods to better understand each kind of essay would be to review examples.

Kinds of Essays

NarrativeNarration is telling a tale from the certain point of view, and there’s often a reason behind the telling. All narrative essays may have figures, setting, climax, and more importantly, a plot. The plot may be the focus from the story and it is usually revealed chronologically, but you’ll sometimes find flash forwards and flash backs.

On paper a story essay, make sure to:

  • Include physical and emotional details, therefore the readers are experiencing the storyline, not only find out about it
  • Possess the story offer the point you’re making, and reference that time within the first sentence.
  • Write within the first or third person


Descriptive essays have text which describes characteristics and traits of individuals, objects, occasions, feelings, etc in intricate detail.Whatever has been described is going to be completely examined. For instance, should you be describing roses, you’d explain:

– Where they are available from

  • The things they seem like
  • What colors they’re
  • The way they grow and smell

Whenever you write a descriptive essay, you need to involve the reader’s senses and feelings. For instance, you can say, “I got sleepy” or describe it such as this, “When I was awaiting Santa, my eyelids started to obtain heavy, the lights around the tree started to blur using the eco-friendly branches, and my mind began to decrease.Inch The 2nd sentence gives vivid details to help make the readers

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seem like he’s there.


Expository essays compares, explore and discuss problems, or tell a tale. An exposition essay gives details about various topics towards the readers. It:

– Informs

  • Describes
  • Explains

On paper an exposition, the written text must:

  • Be concise and clear to see
  • Give different thoughts about a topic or set of a scenario or event
  • Explain something which may be obscure while you write your essay.

Keep in mind that your own personal purpose would be to explain.

ArgumentativeWithin an argumentative essay the author is attempting to convince the readers by demonstrating the reality or falsity of the subject. The writer’s position is going to be supported with some types of evidence, like statistics or opinions of experts.

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